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What Is Online Conveyancing?

What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is an important part of the buying and selling process of properties. While finding a buyer and agreeing on a proper price of the property which seems reasonable to all the parties involved are considered the more difficult parts of the process, conjuring legal documents and getting the proper legal clearances for the transfer of property isn’t an easy task either. Estate agents are usually involved to aid in the process of finding buyers and to help the parties agree on a price. However, they can’t help you out in dealing with the legal side of things. To meet the legal requirements of a purchase of a property, you will have to use the services of a conveyancer.

A conveyancer is the person who has been trained in legal affairs as far as transfer of property is concerned. From ensuring that all the tasks performed are compliant with all the local legal laws of property transfer to conducting searches to find out more information about the liabilities on the current property, conveyancers do it all for the buyers and sellers of houses and homes. 

Online Conveyancing- What is it? 

When there was no internet, conveyancers were usually referred by estate agents only as there was no real mechanism to find out about various conveyancers who worked in the locality. However, with the boom of the internet, it became very easy to look up information on the conveyancers who have a good reputation (you can find it out when you read online conveyancing reviews) and who operate in the locality where the house to be sold is present. 

As the trend of online shopping started to catch fire and as individuals started to use services that were only present online to manage their work, the trend to provide conveyancing services online became quite popular too. 

The idea behind online conveyancing is pretty simple. Rather than to go and meet conveyancers physically in the real world, you can easily contact an online conveyancing firm with a number of conveyancers on its roster through e-mail, chat or telephone. There is no need to ever meet the conveyancer in person as all of the interaction can be done online. All you need to do is to pass on the information required for drafting legal documents and for other purposes and then the conveyancer would do all the work on his own and mail all the documents to you once prepared. 

Benefits of Online Conveyancing

Online conveyancing has become very popular in recent times with more and more are going online to find legal services as the option of getting all the conveyancing work done from the comfort of their homes appeals everyone. There are a number of benefits of using the services of online conveyancing companies and a few of them are mentioned below:

Getting quotes from conveyancing companies for their services is simple and hassle-free with no need to physically visit any office or site in the process.

Easy to track the progress of your case and how much of the work has been done so that you can always check how much time more it would take for the process to be completed. 

No time is wasted on physically meeting with the conveyancers as all the interaction is done via e-mail, chat or telephone. Even the documents are posted via mail which ensures that there is no time wasted in the passing on of documents as well.

The fees are usually lower than the fees of local conveyancers who lend their services in particular areas. This is because the competition is greater online and thus, in order to get the upper hand over their competitors, online conveyancing firms ask for low fees from their clients.

Catch of Using Online Conveyancers

While the main benefit of getting your conveyancing done online is that you don’t have to meet anyone physically, it is also the biggest problem with online conveyancing. You must know that going online is not without it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s risks. The main problem with online conveyancing is that you don’t get to meet anyone physically. As a result, the online conveyancing firms usually don’t give a case to a single conveyancer but various conveyancers work on a single case. Thus, it can be very frustrating when various individuals with contrasting styles talk to you and brief you about the progress of your case.  Moreover, online conveyancing firms sometimes hire inexperienced staff to deal with various cases simply because such workers can work on lower wages which can help the firm offer lenient terms to their clients as well.

All in all, you must be very careful while hiring conveyancing solicitors online. 


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